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LED Lighting Industry News
For the LED lighting industry, enterprises in order to achieve sustained, healthy and rapid development, we must implement innovation-driven development strategy. I believe that the future of innovation and development LED lighting industry should be the main focus on the following three aspects:

First, the "technology and product innovation." Keeping up with the pace of development of LED technology, continuous technological innovation and product innovation, increase new LED product development and technological innovation, and constantly develop core competitiveness and cost-effective new products on the market, leading to the core technology, good quality lead the industry trend to provide a reliable guarantee for the sustained and rapid development of enterprises. Current, LED lighting products in addition to technology and art, the intelligent heat has repeatedly improved, many international manufacturers producing LED lighting products forward conversion system service provider, by an illumination system intelligent system integration, to further improve the energy efficiency of lighting, Energy saving. Future, LED products in addition to subvert the traditional look, will inevitably lead to a revolution in technology on smart lighting.

The second is "production automation innovation." LED production automation is the trend. Because LED product miniaturization, etc., require sophisticated automation equipment involved in the production, midstream and upstream chip LED package has been basically automated. Currently manpower is the most intensive part of the assembly and handling LED downstream applications business. In fact, more and more enterprises, especially large-scale enterprise applications are beginning to realize the need for automated production, and has gradually begun to take measures to improve the production level of automation.

The third is "business development model innovation." LED lighting companies in strengthening the traditional offline distribution channels at the same time, can actively explore lighting electricity supplier O2O mode, through the line to snatch the inlet, increase physical retail sales chain, the formation of online and offline interaction, not only provide consumers with more personalized, intimate experience of the consumer, but also the precipitation and accumulation of large amounts of data, in order to obtain consumers' buying habits, enhance the competitiveness of LED enterprises. Meanwhile, municipal and commercial lighting and outdoor lighting project, the implementation of energy management contract (EMC) mode, which will not only be able to exempt from capital and technology risk of the user, but also to fully release the LED business capacity, promote the LED industry.