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欧司朗推出耐高温的Oslon Square LED
  欧司朗光电半导体宣布推出一款特别能抵抗环境高温的 LED ── Oslon Square 。为确保照明器具里数个 LED 在高温下仍能维持色彩一致,这些 LED 会在85℃下进行测量与分色,这个温度非常接近建筑物里从聚光灯到节能光源的照明应用系统中常见的温度。
        根据欧司朗光电半导体表示,产生过多热量是 LED 发生故障的主要原因之一。因此,欧司朗将 Oslon Square 的散热调整到最佳状态,使其能够经受更高的结点温度。
       欧司朗光电半导体德国总部固态照明产品开发部的 Ivar Tangring表示,“利用我们的新转换技术,可以生产出更薄的转换层。转换层越薄,越有利于散热,因此 LED 能承受更高的温度。」凭借这一点,Oslon Square 可大幅延长产品寿命,即便 LED 内的温度高达135℃,使用时间最长可超过50,000个小时。
      对于需要进一步将 LED 加工成照明器具的客户来说,能够在作业温度85℃下进行测量与分选具有重大意义。他们需要得到光通量或色稳定度等精准的参数资讯,才能对其自家产品的特性进行适当定义。
       此外,更能耐高温也使得这种 LED 能提高在应用系统中的发光效率。Tangring 强调:「发光效率指的是光通量与所耗电量之比率,发光效率高可以帮助我们的客户,让他们大幅提升自家照明解决方案的价格/效能比。」由于可经受的结点温度更高,就需要用到的大型散热片就减少,这可简化灯具与照明系统的设计,这样一来设计上可以变得更小巧,也因此更符合成本效益。
       Oslon Square 特别适合用于各种不同的室内照明应用。其色温的范围为2,400到5,000 K,可以产生暖白光或冷白光。其演色性指数超过80,亮度则达到让人眼睛一亮的202 lm。这款 LED 将推出不同版本的产品,色温不同,演色性指数也会更高。
       目前,这款新的 LED 正接受多项的品质测试: LM-80长寿标准的验证正进行当中,预期到2014年春天则可完成6,000小时的测试.

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors has introduced a special ability to resist environmental temperature of LED ── Oslon Square. To ensure that a number of LED lighting in a high temperature can be maintained at a consistent color, these LED can be measured with the separation at 85 ℃, the temperature is very close to the buildings from the spotlight to the common application of energy-saving lighting source temperature .
        According to Osram Opto Semiconductors, said excessive heat generation is one of the main LED failure. Therefore, the heat Osram Oslon Square will be adjusted to the best condition, so that it can withstand a higher junction temperature.
       Ivar OSRAM Opto Semiconductors, Germany headquarters of solid-state lighting product development department Tangring said "With our new conversion technology, can produce thinner conversion layer thinner conversion layers, the more conducive to heat, so the LED can withstand higher temperatures . "With this, Oslon Square can significantly extend the life of the product, even if the temperature within the LED high 135 ℃, the longest use of more than 50,000 hours.
      The need for further processing into LED lighting customers, lower operating temperature can be measured at 85 ℃ and sorting of great significance. They need to get the luminous flux or color stability and other parameters precise information in order to be properly defined its characteristics of its products.
       In addition, more high temperature also makes this LED luminous efficiency can be improved in the application system. Tangring stressed: "luminous efficiency refers to the ratio of the power consumption of the luminous flux, luminous efficiency can help our customers, so that they significantly improve price / performance ratio of home lighting solutions." Since the junction temperature can withstand more high, we need to use a large heat sink is reduced, which simplifies design lamps and lighting systems, can become more compact design so on, and therefore more cost-effective.
       Oslon Square is particularly suitable for a variety of indoor lighting applications. Its color temperature ranges from 2,400 to 5,000 K, can produce warm white or cool white. Its color rendering index over 80, the brightness is reached brightens up of 202 lm. The LED will launch different versions of the product, different color temperature, color rendering index will be higher.
       Currently, this new LED is receiving a number of quality tests: LM-80 standard validation longevity being among the spring of 2014 can be expected to complete 6,000 hours of testing